Our favorite herb for chicken

Hey everyone, we are cooking on all burners lately so thanks as always for your business and support. The response to last week’s menu was incredible!

There are two harvest seasons here in New York state that we count down to — tomato (which peaks in August) and strawberry, which starts now! Strawberry shortcakes are the dessert to follow our tarragon roasted chicken, which you can order for 2 people or 4. Think a seasonal, Provençal dinner.  The tarragon is from Burwell and is maybe our favorite early summer herb. It’s subtly anise, like a fennel bulb, not quite minty, and unlocks flavor in poultry.

It is the understated hero when we make chicken salad (which we’re having for lunch from leftovers. This bird from Fisher Hill Farm in Bristol was BIG). For veggies, dill-smashed new potatoes and we butter poached French breakfast radishes, which start much milder than the red globes sliced on salad.

The butter softens any bite and leaves these radishes — which like the strawberries are in season for a brief window — tender yet spicy. We suggest pairing with the jostaberry cider from Blue Barn Cidery or the Living Roots 2017 Riesling Traminette!

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