White wine tarragon chicken with cranberry bean

White wine tarragon chicken

We’re not out of the summer heat but this has just a hint of what we’re looking forward to: A dinner with local ingredients that’s both herb-y and hearty.

On our seasonal menu this week we have white wine tarragon-braised chicken with a cranberry bean, tomato and kale ragout. Each dinner comes with a salad and a lemon summer savory vinaigrette plus dinner rolls, and you can order for two or four people.

We will deliver right to your door on Friday or Saturday across greater Rochester, or you can pick it up Sunday at the Brighton Farmers’ Market. Also new, a six-pack of a fruited sour from Big Ditch Brewing out of Buffalo. The Berry Vision is among the brightest brews we’ve sampled this summer.

We also have some BIG projects ahead and when we’re ready to announce them, you’ll find out about it here! Thanks as always!

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