Farmhouse Table Partners with Kirby's Farm Market

Farmhouse Table offers local pickup of Kirby's CSA (Community Supported Agriculture.)

Kirby's offers weekly deliveries of locally grown, farm-fresh produce. Farmhouse Table will make these bundles of goodness available for pickup at The Shop on St. Paul and soon at our new Midtown location.

Click here to learn more about Kirby's CSA and how you can enjoy farm-to-table fresh produce

What is a CSA?

A Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) program is a partnership in which consumers buy shares of a farm's harvest in advance. They receive regular shares of fresh, locally grown produce throughout the farming season. This model supports farmers financially and connects consumers closely with their food source.

Support your local farm! Sign up for Kirby's CSA, and include farm fresh produce in your meal plan! Learn more

Kirby's Farm Market
Farm fresh produce from Kirby's

How it works:

When you place your order with Kirby's Farm Markets, you'll submit your zip code, and Kirby's will assign a pickup location at either our Shop on St. Paul location or our new Midtown Location.

They will also assign a day of the week for delivery. We will hold your items at either of our locations for you to pick up and enjoy.


The Shop on St. Paul
The Shop on St. Paul
BiteRoc - Soon to be Farmhouse Table Midtown
BiteRoc - Soon to be Farmhouse Table Midtown


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